Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some basic admin stuff

I've been toying around with the idea of swapping blogging content management systems over to Wordpress from Blogger. Seems to me like Wordpress offers so much more flexibility than Blogger. The reason I haven't though is that I understand a switch like that would create issues for readers and commentators who have taken the initiative to set up RSS feeds and commenting accounts. Anyway, Blogger's made a bunch of back-end changes to their system and made it easy for authors to customize their blogs. I'm happy for now.

I've noticed there have been a fair number of new commentators lately, which I think we're all very glad for. I wanted to give all of you an easy to follow cheat sheet if you will of commonly used commenting HTML markup so that you can share your thoughts and links a little easier for everyone to interact with.

To make a link clickable in the comments section us the <a> tag. Here's an example:

House Hunt Victoria Link Text (clickable)

Here's how you do it in HTML:
<a href="">House Hunt Victoria Link Text</a>

Here's a cut and paste template for you to use:

<a href="URL of link goes here between quotation marks">Link text goes here</a>

Some other basic HTML markup code:

To make text bold: <b>text you want bold</b>

To make text italics: <i>text you want italicized</i>

I will stick this post up in the Resource Links section to the right for easy reference. I've also cleaned up the Resource Links section and the Blogroll to fix broken links, get rid of dead ones and removed inactive blogs. It's been a bit of a reminder of how much goes into regular blogging when you remove several blogs that have authors who have moved on to other things. My apologies if I've offended anyone by removing their blog - shoot me an email or leave a comment and I'll promptly re-add it to the list. Please feel free to suggest other helpful links and/or resources too.


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