Monday, February 26, 2007

Use a Realtor or not?

As a buyer, it makes perfect sense to use a realtor... it basically costs you nothing and their expertise could save you big time. Realtors often have access to info that the MLS system doesn't make readily available, especially online. Agencies internal listing services are usually much better and more up to date than MLS.

As a seller, I think given the massive number of new low-fee or no-fee services that have popped up in Victoria over the past 5 years, you could be forgiven for being more skeptical and inclined to sell-by-owner. Especially in a seller's market. I can't imagine FSBO-type sites doing well in buyer's markets.

Apart from the connections that the Realtor network provides, what are the other major benefits that a realtor can give you that you couldn't research or pay fee-for-service yourself?

I've been trying to source out all the private, non-Realtor websites for house hunting in Victoria.
  1. BC for sale by owner 6 active listings in Victoria (they claim 18)
  2. For sale by owner Canada no Victoria listings
  3. no Victoria listings
  4. 2 listings
  5. 71 Victoria listings
  6. 14 Victoria listings
  7. HomeSellCanada 2 listings
  8. BC Homes for sale 11 Victoria listings
  9. FSBO BC

Please fill in any blanks I am missing.

Hunt Update: drove by a bunch of new condo developments this weekend. Reflections in Langford is definitely untouched in weeks... if building is happening, they do a great job of removing evidence for the weekend.

Tuesday will be a rental hunting day. We'll start with links to the online sources of rental listings. Give me hints if you know of good ones, please.


Village said... seems to think there is some action happening at Reflections. There's also a stalled/failed condo project right near CFB Esquimalts dockyard enterance. Developer went bankrupt is what I've heard. Surprised nobody took it over.

Osiris_Vic said... has a few listings too.

Good luck with the rental hunt hhv, when I looked for my place I paid 75$ for 2 months of listings from a web sit that escapes me now. I can't remeber if I found our place there or in the TC.

Seems like the TC is no longer the place to list with the rise of Craogslist. Also usedvictoria has listings, not sure the quality though.