Sunday, August 26, 2007

Quick thoughts on Penticton

Ms. HHV and I are up in Penticton this weekend to cheer on some compadre's competing in Ironman Canada today, and so I can sign up for next year... the swim start truly is the most amazing spectacle in sport. Almost 3000 racers left the beach together for what will be a 17 hour race for a few of them.

To say this town is booming is a considerable understatement. Condos going up everywhere. Beautiful place. Must be the Olympic factor. Or maybe it's the spillover from the real retirement capital of Canada 45 minutes up the 97?

Open thread for your comments, links etc... next post likely from Vancouver on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I always thought wouldn't more people be interested in retiring there rather than Victoria.

Sat out last night drinking wine - freezing. Kids can't go in the lakes - freezing. I am not looking forward to the sad rainy winter which I know will come and last until July.

Maybe it is just me.

vg said...

yes, but you can sit out on your deck in January/February here on the balmy days in a light jacket. Up there you need a parka and long johns to do that. I'll take the rain anytime over the cold.

I used to visit a buddy there alot and never cared for it,the downtown has a bizzare layout and like Kelowna your town gets invaded by the hard core party types for 4 months a year. Tourism is a good thing,having to worry about a riot every major gathering like in Kelowna this summer is not my bag as I get older.

Anonymous said...

Someone told me Kelowna is full of strip malls and has no charm or character. I have never seen it.

vg said...

Kelowna has some very nice areas, I really like the waterfront park area and the Mission area is a nice place as well. Further into central Kelowna it is a steady stream of strip malls and yes does lack some character.
You wont find much older character house neighborhoods either,mainly 70's style housing to the new related to the growth boom times but it has great golfing and the lake is awesome for boating and swimming and clean as well. There are some seedy areas as the homeless problem has increased at the same rate as here.

Overall it is a nice place if you don't mind cold and snow and then extreme heat. One point I did find that some don't like is the red neck mentality that prevails up there still,I noticed it still there when I visited briefly this summer.

Aleks said...

I drove through a bunch of the interior on my way to Kootenay Lake this summer. If I were going to move to the interior I'd want to go somewhere like Nelson or Grand Forks that has a little character left rather than somewhere popular that's all new condos and strip malls.

Anonymous said...

After living in Europe and Toronto the thing I hate most is strip malls and 70s homes.

I am crossing Kelowna off my list.

Roger said...

And they say there is no subprime in Canada!!

Don't worry folks. Victoria is a special place - real estate can only go up here. Being on an island protects us from the real world.

greg said...

Personally, if I dind't like the Island more, I would have to vote for Osoyoos.