Saturday, September 1, 2007

Marketing to the ages

We're having a little fun today with some of the marketing "geniuses" at work in selling local RE. We're first time buyers. We're little city folks with big city dreams and the careers to go along with them. We figure this ad is targeted to us:

Gone are the days when a real estate developer just wants to sell. you. a. house. Radius is different because Radius believes that potential condo buyers don't want just a place to live; nope, apparently condo buyers want to purchase their way into a daytime soap opera complete with all the intrigue and surprises that come from inviting nosy-neighbours in for a cartoon cocktail. Note the "older lady's" statement: "They initially bought at Radius as an investment, now they live here part-time to avoid the cold winters."

Note to marketers: the tired, old statement of blah, blah, blah, Victoria RE is great investment, blah, blah, blah, great mild winters is, well, both tired and old. We do like the fact that you call the north-end of downtown Uptown. That's better than calling it kitty-corner to the arena. Or right across from the cop-shop. Or White Spot just down the street. You get my meaning, non? We'd just like to tell everyone from away, do your homework on the neighbourhood before buying, cause Radius's location is at the very heart of one of the most aesthetically challenged parts of "Uptown." In the meantime, could someone pass me a prozac, I'm feeling a bout of "suburban long driveway loneliness" coming on ;-)

So we've seen how marketers target the lower-end segment of the market by appealing to our "youthful playfulness." How do they go after the aging Boomer who has it all? Here we turn to Aquattro, who apart from offering four types of waterfront, markets with a massive, back page ad in today's Homes section of the TC:
THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE $750,000 to $1,500,000

Some of the best things in life are free and some are well worth the money...

Extra, extra large luxury condominium and townhomes available for those with money to enjoy
Wow. And in case you were wondering what apparently other people think about Aquattro: try here. This link is in their section titled WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING. Think you this may have absolutely nothing to do with either Aquattro or say condo/townhouse communities on the Westshore? We figure it can only mean one thing: back up for the agent selling the place saying to a potential buyer "now past performance is no guarantee of future returns, but (wink, wink) I'm sure these people would beg to differ."

Someone. Please. Help. Us. Soon.

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