Sunday, March 31, 2013

Regional Data

Mo data mo problems.

Today's update comes courtesy of HHV contributor Koozdra, who decided to liberate the complete monthly data out of the confines of the PDF format from VREB's excellent historical archive.  For those who are interested in the technical process, Koozdra explains here.

In short, we now have the monthly sales numbers, volume, average price, 6 month average price and median price for each housing type and each region back to 2006.

Here are some basic charts of the median prices for the various areas.  Note that even after a 3 month averaging window, the data is quite noisy due to few sales per region.  The regions with extremely low sales have been left out (Vic West, View Royal, Metchosin, Highlands, etc).

Oak Bay gets its own graph since it flattens the rest.  Again few sales make the data very noisy.

Langford and Colwood have been relatively hard hit.  Interesting how flat Sooke is though.  Maybe the credit restrictions have more effect in the younger communities?

Download the raw data here (right click, save as).


BCAccountant said...

Interesting read! Thanks for all the work you put in to that Koozdra.

a simple man said...

Thanks Koozdra - interesting data.

Oak Bay is all over the map.

StalJ said...

Thanks Kooz!

MLS# 318115 Jubilee area with detached suite

“Sold in June 2010 for $447,500...”
Now listed @ $332,500

a simple man said...

Ouch - that is a big loss for someone. Poor person.

koozdra said...

Glad to help.

Renter said...

Wow, you've got a lot of patience, Koozdra. Nice work.

Dave said...

Neat, thanks Koozdra!

MLS has a beta version now. Looks a lot flash-ier


Alexandrahere said...

Wow, thanks Koozdra.

Here are my stats for last week for SFH in Vic,OB,Esq,SE&SW min 2 beds and 2 baths, priced between $375K & $775K:

Sold: 21
Avg Price: $514K
Med Price: $511K

7 of the 21 had in-law suites and 10 sold for less than BC Assessment.

Compared with same week in 2011:

Sold: 31
Avg Price: $591K
Med Price: $553K

Last week in the areas of Gordon Head, Lambrick Park and Mount Doug, 2 homes sold for an average of $617K. Since the beginning of the year the average sale price in those areas is $577K.

Apartments & Townhomes:

Min 2 beds and 2 baths, priced between $248K & $550K in pretty much the same areas including downtown.

Sold: 16

Avg Sale Price Apts: $356K
Med Sale Price Apts: $357K

10 out of the 16 went for below BC Assessment.

For condos within this criteria, this has been the best sales week in terms of volume since June of last year.

Avg Sale Price T/H: $390K
Med Sale Price T/H: $406K

Alexandrahere said...

Whoops, I meant compared with 2012 not 2011. Sorry.

SJ said...

Nice work Koozdra!

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Tom Watson said...

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