Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wednesday News Hunt

Victoria's Truth has a good link to a G&M article.

Here's something from the US regarding a possible recession.

A rant from a reader at the TC.

Some anecdotal evidence from Rob.

Anything missed?

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Village said...

The longer this goes without leveling/cooling off. The greater the pain and correction will be at the end of the day.

That or we are entering(or in) a period of high inflation. One that wages are not tracking, and the only way to keep up is speculative moves in assets. Real Estate, Equities, random collectible goods. Something thats value moves outside of your fiat currency.

I think M3 in most major nations is tracking at something close to 10% a year. Despite what government CPI statistics say. What is inflation, creation of money or cost of goods? I may feel the cost of goods, but isn't that just a symptom of too much money being created?