Monday, April 30, 2007

Moving days are coming fast

So we will be slowly moving over the next week. We're getting excited as we feel we're moving 'up' in the rental market; really, it's just a modest move into a similar property but with a bit more space and a lot more natural light. We're going to junk out most of our 'stuff' that we've collected over the past four years, so we're shopping for some newer things to furnish our place.

Which brings me to the meat of this post: have you got any secrets you'd like to share with us and the readers of this blog? We've been checking out the usual online sites for used stuff in town and the classifieds in the newspaper and while there is some selection, it's usually just someone else's unwanted junk that they would rather foist onto someone else than drive down to the Sally Ann.

I'd love to compile a bit of a resource list of good quality retailers in the used-furniture marketplace. I know there are tons around, but if you shop at any, do you go regularly? And are you happy with the offerings consistently? Do the shops stand behind what they sell? Any secret websites?


Anonymous said...

HHV, try There are lots of ads for FREE stuff as well, and I doubt it is all junk. Lots of good-hearted people out there who got free furniture , and are passing it on for free after it's no longer needed.

Anonymous said...

There is also a 'household items for sale' section on the Kids in Victoria site.

Aleks said...

When I was looking for a new (used) dresser, I found that most of the used stores had junk but the one just past the six-mile pub had very nice stuff. I wouldn't bother with free ads. Anytime someone's giving something away for free, it's probably a last ditch effort to avoid a trip to the dump.

greg said...

I would say check out used Victoria, it often has stuff, if you can stand to scroll through many pages.

Here is a typical thread:

Mr. Mookie said...

Ditto on Check back often and you'll find some nice furniture, sometimes practically new, for a good price. Lots of folks do try and sell thier stuff at grossly inflated prices, but there are deals on there that are not snapped up right away.

Also, St. Vincent de Paul often has nishish stuff - better used than the overpriced crap from Value Village.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily agree that the free stuff is junk someone doesn't want to bother hauling to the dump. I personally ALWAYS give away my furniture when I buy new stuff, and my old stuff is perfectly good or I wouldn't even give it away. I just feel that since I don't want it, and I don't want to bother selling it, I'd rather help out some young family that needs it.

Ethan Smith said...

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