Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday News Hunt

Thanks for posting links in the comments these past couple of days.

Here's some news we've been a huntin':

BC housing crunch expected to ease

You've retired and 'downsized' in this market into a new 25 year mortgage; have no fear, mandatory retirement is no longer...

Buying a fractional ownership condo? You're in luck, you are about to receive tax-fairness.

Like most smart business people/economic specialists, even David Dodge doesn't want to hang out for the downturn...

When the smart money doesn't do it, should the little guy step in and provide opportunities for renter's in this market?

BC Home Sales Decline Six Per Cent in First Quarter
; but apparently this means prices will continue to rise for the next two years, ah huh...

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hhv said...

just had to say that in our RE listings system over the past couple of days we've seen several DEAL COLLAPSED, make us an offer price changes... wonder why the deals are collapsing? Are lenders getting tighter with their funds?

Also, at least a half-dozen listings have popped up on new condos under construction, all of the prices listed are below the starting from on the websites for these developments... not significantly nelow, but under none-the-less.

Anonymous said...

Remember the usual scenario is that listings increase (they are starting to according the the BC Real Estate Association), then demand decreases (why feel pressure to buy now when there is more to pick from and maybe even more later on) and then prices decrease.


Mr. Mookie said...

I just read BCREA's report. Two co-workers were discussing how awsome the news was, that Victoria's real estate prices will continue to climb moderatly (but well above expected inflation) through 2008. I was dismissed when i pointed out that Camron Muhr and the BCREA are just shrills for the RE industry. Why not ask Mr. Bush how the war in Iraq is going while you are at it?

Prices will rise but home sales will continue to decline? Our logging industry is going into the toilet and there was no accounting for the obvious ripple effects on our economy in thier report. It's all going to be sunshine and lolipops, apparantly.

Their report is total crap, but clearly people are reading it as gospel. I can't stand the blind stupidity.

hhv said...

Totally understand and completely agree... but we all like it when our stocks go up too, don't we?